Hell’s Kitchen Democrats, or HK Dems for short, was formed after the 2016 elections by neighborhood residents who felt a new and urgent need for engagement in local and national politics. The neighborhood lacked an active Democratic Club for many years, and many felt the need to follow this advice: “When they go low, we go local.”

An early meeting

(An early meeting of the Club, Sat Jan 14, 2017)

In some of its first actions the Club marched against the most shocking and damaging actions of the Trump Administration; sent volunteers to campaign with Stephanie Hanson’s successful race for State Senate in Delaware, maintaining the balance of power in that state; and worked with local businesses and employees to give out basic multilingual advice on the best course of action in the event of ICE raids. The Club continues to grow rapidly, welcoming new members at every event.

Hell’s Kitchen Democrats is an open, diverse, and inclusive political home and Democratic club for Hell’s Kitchen Democrats to become informed, stay connected, and be empowered to take action. The primary geographic area of the organization is Part B of the 75th Assembly District and any postal ZIP code area that overlaps any portion of that Part. We advocate for progressive issues and to elect strong Democratic candidates to public and party office and work to influence social and economic polices at the local, state, and federal levels.

(Hell’s Kitchen Democrats Interim Constitution, Article II, Mission Statement)

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