Fundraiser & Phone Banking: How we win!

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The race is heating up and our candidates for Democratic District Leader, Marisa Redanty and Tom Shanahan, need our help to cross the finish line. Together we got them on the ballot, now lets help ensure they claim victory on Primary Day.

On Monday, August 28, please join us as we co-host a fundraiser for Tom and Marisa at K Rico Steakhouse. All politics is local and your financial support of this race is critical to success.

K Rico flyer

Volunteer opportunities

We also have phone banking taking place nearly every day. It’s an easy and fun way to help out, talk to your neighbors, and support the cause. The schedule is listed below. Please RSVP, bring your cell phone and a charger (we’ll provide the script, talking points, and ways to block your personal number if you prefer), and of course your best phone voice!

We are currently seeking volunteers to phone bank: Thursday August 29, 6-8pm Wednesday August 30, 6-8pm Thursday August 31, 6-8pm Saturday September 2, 11am-3pm Sunday September 3, 11am-3pm We would love you to attend several sessions. Sign up online here so we can send you details of where to go. See you there!