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Important Update: District Leader

Dear Everyone,

The Club received some legal advice today that the vacant male District Leader seat for Assembly District 75, Part B will be on the ballot in the Democratic Primary in September.  Many of you will know that District Leaders play an important role in local politics and work very closely with Democratic clubs.

As a result, if the Club puts forward a candidate, they must appear on our petitions in June in order to be eligible.  The one chance to for the membership to endorse before printing will be our next meeting on Thursday, May 24 at 7pm in the Ellington Room at Manhattan Plaza, 400 W 43 St.  As previously communicated, this meeting will also feature endorsements for Civil Court and continuation of the discussion on the new Constitution.  Please come to this meeting and make your voice heard on these important decisions for the Club.

Candidates for male District Leader must be registered (enrolled) Democrats and live within Assembly District 75.  If you are interested in running you can check your registration online here.  Or, if you have questions that you’d like to be addressed before the meeting, please email

VP for Communications

What is a District Leader?

A District Leader is an unpaid volunteer elected official. All formal parties in New York State are required to have at least one District Leader (DL) per Assembly District (AD). These positions are subject to primary elections every two years. This ostensibly guarantees that any party with formal status in New York State (e.g. a permanent ballot line) is democratically governed by its members. In essence, the District Leader is the representative of the party members in their district to that political party’s apparatus.

(From Part One of Paul Newell‘s “What’s a District Leader?“)

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Join HKDems at the annual
Saturday June 2nd

On West 44th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues

Sign up to volunteer by contacting Mark here.


    • Current draft of the new Constitution available here, Bylaws here.
    • Elections for Club office on Thursday, June 7.  Fill in questionnaire here by May 23rd, and attend June meeting in person.

    Proposed New Constitution

    Dear HK Dems Member:

    Like activism in the streets and wielding power at the ballot box, the proposed Constitution of the Hell’s Kitchen Democrats was a labor of love and sweat. It is with great pride that we present this Constitution for consideration and adoption by the Membership on behalf of the Constitution Committee with the support of the Executive Committee. 

    Over the course of six months and hundreds of hours, the Constitution Committee worked to develop and refine a strong governing document that reflects the values of our community, the Democratic Party, and progressive principles across all platforms of the club’s operation. I hope you will find that reflected as you read the Constitution and Bylaws. 

    You can find an Executive Summary of the new document here. It broadly highlights the proposed Constitution, calling attention to the fact that all authority lies within the Membership and the Club does not have a singular appointing authority. 

    As Chair of the Constitution Committee, I helped to organize our group, keep meetings moving forward, seek consensus, and bring best efforts and practices to ensure everyone was operating at their highest potential as committee members.  This document would not be in existence without the Committee’s co-chairs, Wendi Paster and Sean Coughlin, to whom I owe great thanks. Additionally, the dedicated members of the Committee, who gave up numerous Saturdays to attend “Constitution Church” (our meetings took place at the Metro Baptist Church) were indispensable: Marti Cummings, Paul Devlin, Richard Gottfried, Aleta LaFargue, Laura McGill, Karen Raschke, Marisa Redanty, Mark Robinson, and Michael Scarna. 

    Jeffrey LeFrancois
    Chair, Constitution Committee

    Help run HK Dems!

    Elections for 2018 Club leadership will take place on June 6th. Everyone interested in running should fill out this questionnaire as soon as possible.  We still need people to pitch in and create a vibrant, active and effective club.  We have some important roles with nobody running!

    The Elections Committee will use the results from this questionnaire to better understand the pool of interested members and help them find roles which fit their skills and experience. If you're curious, email Sarah at  Thanks for getting involved.